SUSI Partners supports “Time for Climate Action” initiative

This April, in honor of Earth Day, SUSI Partners is supporting a new global initiative – Time for Climate Action. It’s a non-profit campaign, aiming to inspire 50 million people across the globe to take effective climate protection measures. All of the actions on the campaign page can be done in less than five minutes. You can watch the campaign video here.

The campaign is organised by Leaders for Climate Action, a Berlin-based non-profit organisation, and supported by 200 forward-thinking companies (Spotify, Universal, Flixbus, etc.) with the aim to encourage both individuals and organisations around the globe to take climate action now. All companies involved are either climate neutral already or have pledged to achieve this goal by the end of the year.

SUSI Partners commits to carbon neutrality at the operational level. While the company continuously looks for ways to reduce its corporate carbon footprint, it contributes to projects aimed at reducing CO2 emissions to offset any operational emissions that cannot be avoided. You can learn more about SUSI’s sustainability strategy in the company’s 2020 Sustainability Report.

Protecting the climate doesn’t have to be complicated. Take easy but powerful actions right now – your impact is just a few clicks away.

Go to campaign page