SUSI Partners publishes 2020 Sustainability Report

Zug/Zurich, 15 April 2021 – SUSI Partners is happy to announce the publication of its 2020 Sustainability Report. The report covers a number of topics that are material to all stakeholders, which include investors and their beneficiaries, employees, shareholders, business partners, regulatory bodies and the communities in which SUSI operates its assets.

2020 Sustainability Report

In their cover letter, Co-CEOs Marius Dorfmeister and Marco van Daele state: “As a private fund manager specialised in clean energy infrastructure investments, a sector which inherently requires a long-term outlook and aims to accelerate the transition towards a clean, stable and accessible energy system, sustainability has always been at the core of the company’s activities. Nonetheless, an explicit focus over recent years has been to further formalise our approach to sustainability into clearly defined processes, while improving our ability to report in a comprehensive and transparent manner.

For SUSI Partners, applying the principle of sustainability means working towards the long-term prosperity of all stakeholders on every level – from the individual to the entire planet. Accordingly, this report covers the company’s governance approach as well as its impact on planet, people and prosperity, based on the recommendations from the World Economic Forum and the International Business Council.

2020 was an exceptional year in many respects and the 2020 Sustainability Report provides valuable insights on how sustainability principles are integrated into all aspects of SUSI’s business activities, reinforcing the resilience of all investments and the entire company. “As we continue to expand client assets under management, invest in sustainable energy infrastructure around the globe, and evolve as a team and organisation, our impact on the planet, people and prosperity will also grow. We gladly embrace this responsibility.”