SUSI Partners launches new efficiency and transition credit fund

  • SUSI Partners has launched a new credit fund focussed on energy efficiency measures and broader energy transition infrastructure opportunities
  • The third vehicle of SUSI’s credit platform continues the success story of SUSI’s two energy efficiency funds and expands its remit to a wider set of opportunities
  • SUSI’s credit platform specialises in bespoke financing solutions for energy-as-a-service business models thereby enabling institutional investment in fragmented markets that are a crucial part of the energy transition

Zug/Zurich, 15 June 2022 – SUSI Partners has launched the SUSI Energy Efficiency and Transition Credit Fund (SEETCF), which is to invest in energy efficiency measures, on-site production of clean energy, and solutions enabling clean energy use through its asset-based structured financing solution. The 15-year vehicle with a target size of EUR 400 million will focus on European countries while opportunistically investing in other OECD markets.

Compliant with Article 9 of the EU’s Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation, SEETCF will contribute towards climate change mitigation while supporting the long-term development of economies through the buildout of sustainable infrastructure and the provision of affordable and clean energy. The assessment of environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities is systematically integrated by way of a dedicated ESG framework tailored to SUSI’s credit business.

With SUSI’s credit platform having invested more than 80% of the second energy efficiency fund’s capital commitments well ahead of the investment period ending, the launch of SEETCF will allow for a seamless transition into the deployment of this third-time fund. The well-established credit team, which also delivered the first two energy efficiency funds, aims to build on its longstanding track record with close to EUR 500 million deployed into nearly 3,000 single projects across more than 70 transactions since 2015.

Investing in the fragmented customer-facing project segment at scale requires specialised origination and execution capabilities as well as bespoke financing solutions. SUSI has a longstanding track record of continuing framework agreements with energy service companies and technology providers which help scale capital deployment efficiently. Institutional investors can thereby gain access to sectors of the energy transition that, while often underserved due to high degrees of granularity, are crucial to achieving global climate targets.

While SUSI’s credit platform originally focussed on traditional energy efficiency measures such as LED streetlighting and building retrofits, its structured financing solution has proven applicable to a far broader array of energy transition infrastructure themes including self-consumption solar photovoltaics, heat pumps, and smart metering, among many others. Accordingly, SEETCF aims to build a diversified portfolio across the wide spectrum of investment opportunities the energy transition offers thus reflecting SUSI Partners’ general move to holistic energy transition strategies which commenced in 2020.