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Zug/Zurich -

SUSI Partners holds annual Summit with investors and business partners

Bringing together investors, business partners, and the SUSI team, the 2023 SUSI Summit managed to educate, entertain and - most importantly - to strengthen critical links between people whose collaboration will help drive the global energy transition forward.


Zug/Zurich -

SUSI Partners to acquire sizeable C&I solar PV projects in Southeast Asia

SUSI Partners has entered into a partnership with experienced clean energy developer BayWa r.e. for the development, construction, and operation of C&I solar PV projects in Southeast Asia.



Greenhouse gas reporting on the path to net zero

GHG emissions reporting can act as a catalyst in driving more capital towards a net-zero emissions economy.

Hydrogen energy infrastructure whitepaper

Hydrogen-based technologies can offer sustainable solutions in areas where direct electrification reaches its limits.

EV Charging Infrastructure Whitepaper

Electric vehicles are gaining in popularity. However, a successful transition to electric vehicles requires an adequate network of charging stations to be installed.

Offshore Wind Whitepaper

The deployment of offshore wind technology can offer some key advantages and has been experiencing rapid growth over the last 25 years due to steeply declining production costs.

Energy Storage Whitepaper

Energy storage is the antidote to short-term intermittency arising from increasing renewable energy penetration and therefore a key enabler of clean energy utilisation.

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