Our Asia energy transition strategy focuses on sustainable greenfield infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia, a region with substantial and growing demand for clean, reliable, and affordable energy.

By helping drive the energy transition in a region with swiftly expanding populations and strong economic development, we can directly contribute to ensuring it takes place in accordance with global sustainable development goals. Our local team in Singapore applies their local expertise and strict risk-management protocols to ensure best-in-class technical, ESG, and compliance standards from the onset of every investment.


Actively de-risked greenfield energy transition infrastructure

We take control positions in sustainable greenfield energy infrastructure projects and portfolios which provide essential services and benefit from predictable, long-term contracted cash flows. We leverage our strong regional networks to form and invest through dedicated platforms and joint ventures with local partners. Our particular focus lies on scaling renewable energy (wind, solar, distributed generation) and energy efficiency projects (such as heating, cooling, lighting, and waste-to-energy solutions) in Southeast Asian countries where these sectors are nascent but urgently needed.

Emerging but underserved markets

Our intricate knowledge of local conditions in the target markets – being the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos – allows us to invest in places that are often overlooked by international capital. In collaboration with our partners (local developers and other sector specialists), and supported by our investors which include a number of multilateral banks and development finance institutions, we are operating at the forefront of the energy transition in Southeast Asia where our investments set precedents and have a direct impact.

Enhancing project quality

Investing in relatively less mature markets requires active management of the development, construction, and operation of greenfield projects to ensure high-quality, bankable assets. By supporting local developers with our longstanding energy transition expertise, we seek to plug existing knowledge gaps, improve project quality, and ultimately enhance asset values.

Environmental and Social Management System

We employ a comprehensive Environmental and Social Management System (“ESMS”), the outputs of which flow directly into investment, construction, and offtake agreements. The ESMS furthermore structures the monitoring of development, construction and operational processes and ensures transparent, regular reporting of findings and risk mitigation measures taken.

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We continue to grow a well-diversified energy transition infrastructure portfolio based on partnerships with local development companies.

Sustainable Energy Solutions Partnership (SEA) Pte. Ltd.

Joint venture with Malaysian company Invest Energy dedicated to financing and operating energy efficiency projects across Southeast Asia. Primary target projects are bespoke waste-heat recovery as well as co- and trigeneration systems for commercial and industrial offtakers.

Project type Energy efficiency
Development partner Invest Energy Sdn. Bhd.
Target countries Malaysia and other SEA

Entoria Sustainable Power Assets Pte. Ltd.

Joint venture with developer Entoria Energy for the delivery of rooftop solar photovoltaic installations to commercial and industrial offtakers in locations such as manufacturing plants, shopping malls, industrial parks and other large buildings.

Project type C&I solar PV
Development partner Entoria Energy Pte. Ltd.
Target countries Across SEA

Sustainable Pacific Impact Renewable Energy Pte. Ltd.

Joint venture with Singapore-based Pacific Impact Development focused on the greenfield development of solar PV, wind, and hydro assets with the ability to continue through financing, construction, and operation of the assets.

Project type Utility-scale renewable energy
Development partner Pacific Impact Development
Target countries Across SEA

Asia Clean Capital Vietnam Pte. Ltd.

Convertible loan to Asia Clean Capital Vietnam, a developer and operator of rooftop and ground-mounted solar photovoltaic projects for commercial and industrial end clients in Vietnam.

Project type C&I solar PV
Development partner Asia Clean Capital Vietnam Pte. Ltd.
Target countries Vietnam

Partnership with BayWa r.e.

Framework agreement with BayWa r.e. for the development, construction, and operation of larger-size on-site solar photovoltaic projects for larger, well-established commercial and industrial offtakers.

Project type C&I solar PV
Development partner BayWa r.e. Energy Solutions Pte. Ltd.
Target countries Across SEA