Our energy transition equity strategy is focused on establishing and growing platforms in close partnership with high-quality local teams and sustainable energy companies.

We construct broadly diversified portfolios while retaining a clear thematic focus on the energy transition based on our partner network and our deep understanding of the energy market and its sectors. Exercising active ownership of our portfolio companies allows us to ensure good governance, to actively embed sustainability standards, de-risk investments, and to drive value by realising controllable upsides.


Attractive risk-adjusted infrastructure returns

We target sustainable energy investments underpinned by real assets providing essential services and delivering predictable and highly visible cash flows. Our deep energy sector expertise allows us to consciously accept certain market risks and to selectively pursue greenfield opportunities, provided development risks are well-diversified over large project pipelines.

Broadly diversified portfolio

We ensure a high degree of portfolio diversification along multiple vectors by investing across the energy transition spectrum, with multiple partners, into opportunities with many underlying assets at various stages of their lifecycle and applying a range of established technologies. Geographically, we focus on European (EEA, UK, Switzerland), North American, the Australian and other core OECD markets.

Growing platforms through proprietary, mid-market deals

We target less crowded market segments and create proprietary investment opportunities outside of formal auction processes based on thesis-led, bilateral sourcing and leveraging our extensive, global network in the energy transition space. Our focus is on equity or equity-like control or joint-control investments with a high degree of flexibility with regards to the underlying investment structure. We build platforms by supporting existing companies in their growth and partnering with management teams to create new ventures whereby long-term alignment of interests is paramount. Our investors thereby gain access to visible and proprietary asset pipelines.

ESG & value creation

We use our majority positions to apply an active management approach which ensures long-term value creation by establishing good governance, proactively de-risking investments, and realising controllable upsides. Supported by our dedicated ESG framework, which is systematically embedded in portfolio management processes, our teams work very closely with portfolio companies on implementing best-practice standards. Our flagship fund, the SUSI Energy Transition Fund (OECD), meets the requirements of Article 9 of the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), as its investments contribute to climate change mitigation through measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions while adhering to do-no-harm principles.

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We have built and continue to grow a portfolio that is well diversified across energy transition themes, geographies, counterparties, and business models.

Our portfolio currently comprises 9 platforms spanning seven countries on four continents. It covers investments in a wide range of energy transition opportunities, including utility-scale and distributed solar PV as well as onshore wind at various development stages, energy efficiency, battery storage, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and residential customer energy solutions.

Earlier, Closed Funds under Management

We have nearly 15 years of experience making majority investments in sustainable energy infrastructure projects and companies, having raised and invested two European renewable energy funds and the first institutional fund dedicated to energy storage – all of which have completed their investment cycle and are at various stages of realisation.

SUSI Energy Storage Fund

The SUSI Energy Storage Fund holds investments in energy storage and related clean energy infrastructure that supports the integration of intermittent renewables into the energy mix.

Status Fully invested
Asset class Private markets | Infrastructure
Risk category Equity
Core geography OECD
Capital committed EUR 252 million
Launched 2017
End of fund term 2028
No. of investments 10
No. of realised investments 0

SUSI Renewable Energy Fund II

SREF II holds sustainable investments in renewable assets of various technologies across core European countries.

Status Fully invested
Asset class Private markets | Infrastructure
Risk category Equity
Core geography Europe
Capital committed EUR 383 million
Launched 2014
End of fund term 2026
No. of investments 30
No. of realised investments 5