Who we are

SUSI Partners is an independent, Swiss-based, specialist investment manager with an exclusive focus on private market energy transition investments since inception in 2009. With our longstanding, dedicated expertise, we have been early movers in the energy transition space and remain at its forefront.

What we do

We invest institutional capital across the energy transition spectrum to generate attractive risk-adjusted and impactful returns for our clients and their beneficiaries while contributing meaningfully to global climate neutrality.

Why we do it

Our purpose is to realise a sustainable future, today. All our efforts are directed towards the pursuit of a world in which people can prosper for the long term, benefitting from financial security, a flourishing society, and a healthy planet. Climate change is an existential challenge and we are determined to help achieve a carbon-neutral society to address it.

What sets us apart

Dedicated expertise

Since inception in 2009, we have only focused on investing in energy transition opportunities.

Holistic, market-leading strategies

Our infrastructure strategies comprise investments in clean energy generation, energy efficiency, electrification, energy storage and customer solutions across Europe, other OECD markets, and Southeast Asia.

Proprietary, mid-market transactions

Our longstanding presence and expertise built on 140+ transactions to date allow us to continuously generate deal flow from long-term partnerships and other bilateral or less competitive situations.

ESG & value creation

We have dedicated, in-house expertise focused on commercial, financial, technical and specialist ESG matters which systematically identifies and mitigates risks and creates sustainable value.

Team, values, and culture

We are an energetic, diverse team that performs with a collaborative mindset, integrity, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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Our Values

Our values are the maxims that guide our actions and decisions. They reflect our ethical standards and form the basis of our cultural identity. These principles not only support prioritisation in our daily operations but also help steer us through uncertainty.


We are committed to delivering excellence. Our individual and collective performance is key to achieving attractive risk-adjusted investment returns for our clients, and financial and operating results for the company.


For us, sustainability is about ensuring long-term viability and resilience. This applies both to our investments and the company as a whole – all to create long-lasting economic, environmental, and social value.


Collaboration is a catalyst for success. We work as a unified team, realise synergies, and build mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships to create surplus value that can only be realised through cooperation.


In a dynamic world, we do not rely on precedents but actively lead the way. We are naturally inquisitive, question the status quo, strive for continuous improvement, and look for solutions today to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

Our Team

Our diverse team comprises talented, experienced, and highly motivated people, who operate with integrity, an entrepreneurial spirit, and mutual respect.


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Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are dedicated to sustainable practices that ensure long-term environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) excellence. We believe that responsible investment not only mitigates risks but also unlocks substantial value for our stakeholders. We are therefore committed to enhancing resilience, promoting social equity, and driving innovation in sustainable development through strategic ESG integration.



Code of Ethics and Sustainable Conduct

We are a privately held company headquartered in Zug (Switzerland), limited by shares (Aktiengesellschaft), and regulated by the Swiss Financial Markets Authority (FINMA). We operate in accordance with applicable Swiss law and relevant regulations as well as our articles of association, organisational rules, and policies.

Supervisory oversight lies with the shareholder-appointed Board of Directors (Verwaltungsrat), with executive functions resting with management. Our Board of Directors is composed of Chairman Jan Krüger (Managing Director at Pelion Green Future), Vice Chair Björn Bajan (lawyer – member of the bar in Zurich, Switzerland; independent), Michael Schuh (lawyer – member of the bar in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and the State of Missouri, USA), and Victor Moftakhar (Senior Advisor at Boston Consulting Group; independent).

We act as the portfolio manager of the SUSI funds, which are overseen by third-party alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs) in Luxembourg. Our investment activities are overseen by committees comprising senior staff and independent experts. These investment committees review proposed transactions (acquisitions, add-ons, divestitures, financings, and other important portfolio decisions), and ensure compliance with the various investment mandates and processes.

Our Code of Ethics and Sustainable Conduct commits us to adhering to a common set of values and standards, and to conducting business in an ethical, professional, and sustainable manner.