Great Place to Work (“GPTW”), an international business management consultant specialised in assessing workplace culture, has certified SUSI Partners (“SUSI”) as a “Great Place to Work” based on a standardised survey that GPTW conducted with all of SUSI’s employees.

GPTW has more than 25 years’ experience in assessing workplace culture across a wide range of organisations and does so by assessing six vectors: values, trust, leadership effectiveness, innovation, maximising human potential, and value creation.

SUSI scored consistently above the Swiss representative benchmark, which is testament to the firm’s efforts in creating an engaging, purpose-driven, and inclusive workplace for all. In particular, the results of the survey show a high level of mutual trust, and personal growth opportunities. Furthermore, employees feel strongly that SUSI is a very inclusive place to work, and most importantly, employees ascribe special meaning to their work, affirming that working at SUSI is “more than just a job”.

SUSI Partners "Great Place To Work" Profile