What we do

We invest institutional capital across the energy transition spectrum to generate attractive risk-adjusted and impactful returns for our clients and their beneficiaries while contributing meaningfully to global climate neutrality.


We manage EUR 1.9bn on behalf of our clients, mostly institutions such as pension funds and insurance companies mandated to responsibly invest the savings of thousands of savers and beneficiaries.


We currently invest through three mid-market energy transition infrastructure strategies – Equity, Credit (both focused on OECD markets), and Asia (focused on Southeast Asia).


With 140+ transactions across more than 20 countries, we have built a unique track record as a leader in the energy transition space.


Our investments have avoided 3.6m tonnes of CO2e emissions to date.

About Us

We are a specialist investment manager headquartered in Switzerland with an additional presence in Singapore. Together, we drive forward the decarbonisation of global energy systems through investing, managing portfolios, maintaining close relationships with our clients, and by ensuring we operate efficiently and with excellence. With 15 years of dedicated experience, we have been early movers in the energy transition investment space and remain at its forefront.



We invest in private energy infrastructure assets and companies that contribute to the global energy transition by producing clean energy, increasing energy efficiency, and electrifying and enabling the end-use of clean, reliable, and affordable energy. Concretely, that includes investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and industrial decarbonisation projects, energy storage, and end-user solutions such as self-consumption solar PV and electric vehicle charging. We have built an extensive track record across the space and, as the energy transition progresses, continue to track a wide array of emerging opportunities in this ever-expanding investment universe.



We are an energetic team from diverse backgrounds that operates with an entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, and mutual respect. Given our ambitions, we are always on the lookout for new talent to support our mission.